Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sunday April 20th 3pm - Next Prayer Walk for Smyrna

April 20th people from every church in Smyrna are invited to prayer walk together for the city.

We'll gather at the Smyrna Library steps at 3pm to get maps, instructions and pray together briefly. Then we'll spread out around the city to walk (or drive) and pray for revival and humility and justice in our city, our families and our people.

  • At 4:30, all interested praying people are invited to close in prayer together back at the library. There will be a brief time of testimony, perhaps a song, but no sermons.
  • At the request of a city leader, the Smyrna Pastors Prayer group organized the first prayer walk in November 2007. Approximately 100 people from more than 10 different churches prayed together.
  • Sunday May 18th is the next scheduled prayer walk.

For more information or to offer organizational assistance, contact Carole Fouts [cafouts@charter.net].

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